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Beautiful Butterfly Biscuits

Makes 4

These beautiful butterfly biscuits are super easy to create. Release your inner artist using our edible craft pens and create your own design on a pre-baked butterfly shaped biscuit.

Top Tips


Let your biscuits sit for a little while after adding your layer of fondant icing on top before drawing on your designs. This will create a firm surface to write on.


Use a variety of our pens to create any design you like- it doesn’t have to be a butterfly!


Our Powder Colours can be highly pigmented. Practice using them on leftover fondant or modelling paste if you are new to using them. Remeber to brush on with light pressure first and then add more on top to build up the colour.



Prepare your equipment: non-stick rolling pin, butterfly biscuit cutter (same one used to create the biscuits), icing sugar (for dusting surface), food safe paint brush.

4 pre-baked biscuits


Decorating Ingredients

250g Pastel Green ‘Just Roll With It’ Fondant Icing 

Click Twist Edible Glue Brush

Rainbow Dust Black Cake Craft Pen

Rainbow Dust Teal Cake Craft Pen

Rainbow Dust Metallic Paint Pearlescent White

Products from us

Metallic food paint 23 - 25g


Cake craft pens



Decorating the Biscuits: 

Step 1

Knead the Pastel Green Fondant Icing on a clean, dry surface until pliable, and roll out on a surface lightly dusted with icing sugar until it is roughly 1cm in thickness.

Step 2

Cut out 4 butterfly shapes using the same cutter you used to bake the biscuits.

Step 3

Attach each butterfly fondant shape to the biscuits using the Click Twist Edible Glue Brush.

Step 4

If the biscuits changed shape slightly in the oven when they were baking, push the butterfly shaped fondant to reach the edges with a non-stick rolling pin. Push the fondant gently from the centre outwards towards the end of the wings.

Step 5

Now it is time to create your own design. Create an outline of the wings and body of the butterfly using our Black Cake Craft Pen.

Step 6

Next add thicker sections on the top corners of each wing. Colour in a circle for the head on the top of the body and add 2 lines for the antennas.

Step 7

Once you have a base outline for your butterfly, it is time to add the extra details using Rainbow Dust Teal Cake Craft Pen (or you can use a different colour of pen instead).

Step 8

Using either the thick or thin side of the pen, repeatedly press lightly onto areas of your biscuit to create a dotting technique. To create a gradient using this technique, press down heavily with your pen, keeping the spots close together to start with and then gradually press lighter and keep your spots further apart.

Step 9

Draw lines starting from the centre body out towards the edges on the wings. At the point end where it meets the edge of the wings on the line, create a triangle shape and fill it in.

Step 10

Lastly, fill any spaces you would like to, using the larger end of the Teal Cake Craft Pen to add some extra colour.

Step 11

Once you are happy with how your butterfly biscuit is looking, it is now time to finish it with some highlights. Dip the end of a food safe paintbrush into a small amount of Metallic Paint Pearlescent White. Lightly dot some of the paint onto the darkened edges of the butterfly wings to lighten up your design.

Step 12

Optional- Why not finish it off with a little bit of Rainbow Dust Sparkle Dust Spray. You can check out the range here.


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