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'M' Mother's Day Cake

Personalisation at its best! Create this beautiful looking cake in the shape of an M in celebration of Mother’s Day. We have used our delicious strawberries and cream icing, and paired this with fresh strawberries for an extra fruity hit.

The cake is then finished with a selection of Rainbow Dust decorations. Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mum

Top Tips

Try using some cutting guides (sticks) on either side of your traybake when cutting the top off to give a perfectly flat surface.


Why not try creating another shape letter or number? Just make a different shape template using some card.

Baking Ingredients

Prepare your equipment: card, cutting guide (sticks), piping bag, nozzle, paintbrush x 2, paint palette

Pre made traybake

Decorating Ingredients

400 g Renshaw Strawberries & Cream Icing

Pre made macarons

Rainbow Dust Metallic Paint- Metallic Gold

Rainbow Dust Confetti- Gold Stars

Rainbow Dust Sugar Crystals- Pearlescent Rose

Products from us

Metallic food paint 23 - 25g



Step 1


Using a piece of card, draw an M shape (making sure it is no bigger than the cake you have) and cut this out to use as a template.

Step 2

Cut the top off your traybake using a cutting guide if you have one, to make sure it is even (see top tip for help with this).

Step 3

Place the M shaped card on top of your baked cake and use a sharp knife to gently cut around the template.

Step 4


Snip the end off the piping bag and insert the nozzle (we have used a Wilton plain tube nozzle- number 12).

Step 5

Open the Renshaw Strawberries & Cream Icing tub, stir with a spoon and put into the piping bag. Pipe small bulb shapes on top of the M.

Step 6

Lay down some greaseproof paper, select the macarons you want to use, and lay them on the paper.

Step 7

Pour a small amount of the Rainbow Dust Metallic Paint into a bowl and using a paintbrush flick the paint onto the macarons.

Step 8

Finish with Rainbow Dust Sugar Crystals, Gold Star Confetti and other decorations of your choice.


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