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  • We're Rebranding

    Rainbow Dust Rebrand

    We now have some exciting information about our new packaging!

    We have been working on refreshing our product appearance and we hope you will love it as much as we do.

    As well as being dramatic in appearance, the new packaging gives many benefits:

    We know that your customers love the Rainbow Dust brand, so we have made the logo clearer and more prominent on every pack

    ✔Provides consistency of appearance across the product ranges so they look like a real family
    of products on shelf

    ✔Simplifies product groups with new easy to understand names to help your customers

    ✔Displays the shade of the product on the packaging against a black background to make it
    easier for customers to choose their perfect shades
    ✔Uses a clear edible mark logo when a product is edible 100 edible black
    ✔Uses a clear 'Do Not Eat Me' logo when a product is not edible, to avoid confusion Do not eat me black

    ✔Retail packs include product information in 6 languages, allowing new geographical areas to target sales

    The rebranded packaging will start to make an appearance from April 2018. The first product groups to change over are:

    • Metallic Paint
    • Plain and Simple - new name Powder Colour
    • ColourFlo - new name Liquid Colour
    • Sugar Crystals

    The remainder of the rebrand will take place in 2018 when you will start to see new packaging across all other product groups.

    Edible Silk – new name Lustre
    Click Twist Brush – new name Cake Craft Brush
    Food Art Pen – new name Cake Craft Pen
    Edible Glitter – new name Glitter
    Sparkle Range – new name Sparkle Glitter
    Paint It – new name Paint Matt (there will also be an improved formulation)

    The new products will have new product codes and barcodes which will help you identify them.

    If you want to keep track of where the new products are up to then make use of our new website.

    It has a simple to use order facility on it and the new packaged lines will appear there first. Also, keep an eye out for regular updates from us to keep you in the picture.

    Along with the rebrand we are launching a range of product leaflets with Augmented Reality (AI) how to features.

    This exciting technology means your customers can nd out so much more simply by using their smart phones.

    You can also expect a new product catalogue in 2018 which will contain AI

    As part of our programme of refreshing and developing the brand, we are discontinuing some lines.

    If you need any further  guidance, then your sales representative will be happy to assist you in any aspect of the changeover.

    Thank you for your ongoing support of Rainbow Dust and we look forward to working with you to bring exciting new cake products to market.

    Colour Shimmer & Shine

    Rainbow Dust

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