Water Colour EffectConsumables


  • Fine Brushes


Plain & Simple dusts can be used in many different ways, and here we show you one of the ways to create a water colour effect on your cake and decorations.


All decorations are made in white and left overnight to dry.


Mix a small amount of plain & simple dust with an alcohol solution (vodka is commonly used as it is clear and evaporates upon drying) in a small pallet tray to achieve a coloured water consistency. Use a piece of sugarpaste to practise on first.


When applied with a brush you can wash the colour onto your models, cake, flowers etc., without creating any dark patches. Keep adding the alcohol solution until you achieve this effect.


This type of painting will give you a subtle look, which can be used in many areas of cake decorating.


Below we show you how the finished effect should look, and tips and techniques to help achieve great results.



  1. Always cover your cake in white so that you can colour wash areas onto your cake.
  2. Test your colour wash first onto a small piece of sugarpaste. If too dark, or you find it is patchy, add more alcohol solution and test again before painting onto your cake.
  3. This type of painting technique is fantastic to use as it leaves a delicate finish to your cakes and decorations.