Painting ChocolateConsumables


  • Rolling Pin
  • Embossing Mats (your choice of designs)
  • Circle cutter
  • Heart cutter


Simply roll out your sugarpaste to the required thickness, placing this onto your embossing mat, and roll over this again to emboss the pattern. Carefully lift the mat off the sugarpaste and place onto a dusted work surface. Using a circle cutter or a different shaped cutter, to then cut out enough shapes to fit on either your cookies or cupcakes.


Leave these to air dry for a while before starting to draw onto them, using the thicker end of the pen. Use different colour combinations for each one rather than just the one colour.



  1. Practise on a spare piece of paste first before drawing onto your design.
  2. Use different shape cutters and designs to make them look more interesting and colourful.
  3. This way of decorating will keep the kids occupied for hours.