Rose Gold lustre cakeConsumables


  • Lidded pots
  • Paintbrushes
  • Mixing dish
  • Clear alcohol
  • Bowl
  • Paint palette
  • Sponge

How to create Rose Gold lustre

From homeware to accessories to cake, rose gold continues to be a trending colour. It can achieve a modern, metallic effect or a soft, romantic glow with its pink-gold tones.

But did you know that you can easily create your own blend of rose gold lustre with the Rainbow Dust Edible Silk range?

Depending on which of our Edible Silk shades you have in your cake decorating collection, there are a few ways that you can create a rose gold colour.


Iridescent Gold Fusion + Metallic Moroccan Velvet

Iridescent Gold Fusion is like no other in our Edible Silk range. In the pot, it may look like neutral coloured dust, but once applied to a cake or other application, it adds a 2-dimensional gold tone to lift any finished piece.

The base for this rose gold powder blend uses Iridescent Gold Fusion for its light reflective properties and beautiful gold sheen. This is then mixed with Metallic Moroccan Velvet to add the warm rose tones. Together they work in synergy to create the perfect rose gold lustre powder.

Mix 3 parts Iridescent Gold Fusion to 1 part Metallic Moroccan Velvet. Put both powders in a pot with a lid and shake until combined. Allow the dust to settle before opening.

We’ve used this blend to create the rose gold drip cake. This cake was inspired by Nauty Little Treats.


Pearl Blush Pink + Metallic Ginger Glow

Mix 3 parts Pearl Blush Pink to 1 part Metallic Ginger Glow. Put both powders in a pot with a lid and shake until combined. Allow the dust to settle before opening.

This combination imparts more of a pink undertone due to Pearl Blush Pink making up the majority of this rose gold blend. The inclusion of Metallic Ginger Glow not only tones down the pink slightly, but it also provides a golden bronzed effect. For this reason, this blend of Rose Gold was chosen to create the cat cake below to really highlight the stand-out details.

 Rose Gold Cat Cake


Metallic Golden Sands + Metallic Fire Cracker + Shimmer Ivory

Mix Metallic Golden Sands, Metallic Fire Cracker and Shimmer Ivory in equal parts into a pot with a lid and shake until combined. Allow the dust to settle before opening.

This blend of rose gold combines 3 colours from the Edible Silk range. These 3 colours blend perfectly to create a vintage effect rose gold colour. Metallic Golden Sands and Metallic Fire Cracker create a rich and vibrant reddish hue, and the inclusion of Shimmer Ivory pales this colour down and imparts warm tones concluding in warm rose gold. What better way to showcase this blend than with vintage cupcakes?

Rose Gold Cupcakes


How to use Rose Gold lustre

Painting with alcohol

Painting with Edible Silk is an easy and stress-free way of applying your rose gold lustre to a cake or other bakes. The colour of the lustre will intensify slightly with this method.

  1. Place a teaspoon of your rose gold lustre mix into a dish and mix with clear alcohol to a painting consistency.
  2. Use an applicator sponge to paint the surface of a cake. Paint around the cake in bands until all the cake is covered. Apply a second layer.
  3. Use a brush or sponge to paint sugarpaste topped cupcakes.
  4. For adding smaller details, you can use a small paintbrush with your rose gold lustre mix.

Painting with cocoa butter

This technique gives you a softer effect and is great for creating patterns and details.

  1. Pour 1-inch of boiled water into a bowl. Set a paint palette over the top.
  2. Add a small amount of cocoa butter to one of the reserves and allow to melt.
  3. Mix in some of your rose gold lustre with a cocktail stick until combined.
  4. Use a combination of paint brushes to create different patterns on a sugarpaste surface.
  5. Allow colours to dry before adding the next layer, so that they don’t blend together.

Dry dusting

When using any of the Rainbow Dust Edible Silk range, bear in mind that the icing base you are lustring will influence the overall finish. Icing with a higher level of fat will help the lustre cling to the surface and the better the effect will be. For this reason, we recommend using Renshaw Belgian Chocolate Modelling Paste.

Dry dusting with Edible Silk Lustres

It is so easy to create your own blend of rose gold lustre with the Rainbow Dust Edible Silk range. With so many combinations possible, experimentation and creativity are key. All you need is Rainbow Dust Edible Silk and your imagination. Why not experiment and try creating your own unique rose gold blend?