Painted CookiesConsumables


  • Palette Knife
  • Palette Tray
  • Brushes
  • Stenciles


By using stencils on your cookies with royal icing, you can create some wonderful designs, using them for gifts, wedding favours or any celebration. Once the royal icing is dry you can add your own colours using plain & simple dust mixed with a clear alcohol solution (eg. Vodka) to create a quick drying paint.


Roll out the sugarpaste to the thickness you require, placing the stencil on top so it lies flat. Using a palette knife, spread the royal icing carefully over the stencil. Use one or two strokes from side to side to create an even thickness.


Carefully remove the stencil, then use a cutter to cut out your chosen cookie shape and place onto the cookie and leave to dry.


Mix a Plain & Simple dust with your alcohol solution in a palette tray to achieve a suitable paint consistency. You can now paint areas of the pattern with colour or use different colours to create different effects.


Here are just a few examples using a coloured and plain white base colour, and then using different colours to then paint.



  • You should aim for a stiff soft peak icing that will not flood once the stencil is removed.
  • Experiment on a spare piece of sugarpaste before you stencil directly onto your cookie.
  • Not sure if you have achieved the right shade of colour? Paint onto a spare piece of sugarpaste first.
  • Try out different colours on your cookies rather than using one colour.