Dry BrushConsumables


  • Brushes
  • Stencils
  • Rolling Pin


Stencilling using Powder Colour dusts is a great way to achieve quick and easy, but effective results. Just follow these simple steps.


Roll out your sugarpaste to thickness required. Place the stencil on top and gently roll over the stencil using the rolling pin. This will keep the stencil secure and stop any movement.


Take a small brush and dip into the dust colour, dabbing onto a piece of kitchen roll first to remove excess dust.


Brush over the stencil in a circular motion and repeat in this way until covered. Once complete, carefully peel the stencil off the sugarpaste, then cut out your shape using an appropriate cutter.


Place shape onto your cupcake carefully as not to distort the shape.



  • When using Powder Colour dusts, brush onto a piece of kitchen roll first before application.
  • Use a coloured sugarpaste base, rather than a plain white base colour. You can achieve great colour results.
  • Experiment with different colours across the one stencil, i.e., green for leaves, pink for flowers. Try to use clean brushes when changing colours and remove all excess dust between each colour change.
  • Make up bow decorations or flowers using the same technique, when putting this together be careful not to smudge the pattern.