• Fine Brushes
  • Dusting Brushes
  • Palette Tray 


Here we show you three example on how to create different colour effects on your carnations.



Use a dry dusting brush and dip it into the plain & simple dust (dabbing it first onto a piece of kitchen roll to remove excess dust). Keep dusting in this way till you achieve your desired shade of colour, creating light and dark shades.


Painting (Two tone colour)

Add edges of colour to your carnations by mixing plain & simple dust with a clear alcohol solution (eg. Vodka) in a palette tray to achieve a painting consistency. Using a fine brush carefully paint the edges of the petals. This creates a two tone effect to your carnations. If you add more alcohol solution, this will give you a paler tone.


Painting (all over coverage)

Mix plain & simple dust and alcohol solution as above and paint the whole of the carnation. You can create lighter or darker shades of colour by adding more or less of the alcohol solution to your mix.



  1. When dusting flowers, work the dust into a piece of kitchen roll with a dusting brush. Then apply it to your flower. This way makes sure all the colour grains are mixed in well.
  2. Always apply a light touch of colour first, and if you want a darker shade add another layer of dust. You can always add more, but can't take the colour away.
  3. By making up all your flowers in white you can colour them whenever you need them.
  4. Create darker tones to your flowers, by adding a darker colour to the petal edges.