• 16 in (40.5cm) 12mm Round Cake Drum Board
  • 6 in (15cm) Round 1mm Thin Cake Board
  • 8in (20cm) Round 1mm Thin Cake Board
  • Cel Pad
  • Dowels
  • Fine Paint Brush
  • Former (for the larger flowers)
  • Large, Medium & Small Blossom Plunger Cutter
  • Pallet Tray
  • Small Butterfly Cutter


Place each cake onto their corresponding cake board, split and fill with your favourite filling. Then spread a thin layer of buttercream around the sides and top of each cake. Cover each cake separately with white sugarpaste and leave overnight to firm. Then dowel and stack using softened sugarpaste over the dowels to secure each tier in place.


Add a small amount of each ProGel colour into a pallet tray, Lime Green, Bright Green & Gooseberry, and then mix a small amount of alcohol solution into each of the colours. Starting with the Lime Green colour first, paint fine brush strokes to resemble grass around each of the three tiers, repeating the same method with the Bright Green & Gooseberry in that order. This will give you a three tone shade of colour.


Divide your flowerpaste into four equal quantities, then colour each amount using Yellow, Pink, Purple & Baby Blue ProGel. Then using the three sizes of blossom plunger cutters, cut out flower shapes and plunge them out onto a cel pad first, before placing the large blossoms into a former to dry. For the smaller blossoms leave on a cel pad to dry.  Lastly cut out the butterflies using each of the four colours of flowerpaste, and place over a folded piece of card to dry.


Once all your flowers and decorations have dried firm, you can then start to attach each flower to your cake using royal icing, finishing off by adding the butterflies and piping the centres of the flowers.


This style of cake would be ideal for any spring/summer wedding or even use a single tier for a birthday celebration.