• 22# White Wires
  • Brush
  • Flower Pick
  • Snowflake Plunger Cutters (Small & Medium)
  • Wire Cutters


Trim wires to the length required using wire cutters and leave to one side till needed.


First all colour some of your white flowerpaste using Sky Blue ProGel, adding a small amount at a time to the required shade. Leave this to one side in a polythene bag till needed. Roll out your white flowerpaste thinly, then using both sizes of the snowflake plunger cutters, cut out your shapes. Repeat this process for the coloured flowerpaste. Then using the wires, dip one end into the Edible Glue, inserting wire though the centre of the snowflake shape. Repeat for all the snowflakes. Leave these to dry flat overnight to firm. Make extra snowflakes without the wires, these are for the side decoration.


For the blue snowflakes use Jewel Sky Blue and White Hologram for the white snowflakes. To apply the glitter, brush each one with the Cake Decorators Glaze first. Leave these to dry in an oasis block. Once dry place each one into a flower pick, placing a small amount of flowerpaste inside first, this is to secure the wires. Then simply insert the pick into the centre of your cake for an instant effect. For the side decoration only apply the glitter to the small snowflakes, securing in place on the larger snowflake with royal icing, and then pipe royal icing again to secure both onto your cake. 



  1. Why not add different sizes of silver dragees to finish off your side decoration.
  2. These great cake toppers can be made well in advance, all ready to be inserted into your celebration cakes.
  3. Always use a Glaze Cleaner to clean your brushes after using a Cake Decorators Glaze.