• 3 inch Round, 3 inch Deep cake
  • 4 inch Round, 5 inch Deep cake
  • Rainbow Dust Edible Glue
  • Rainbow Dust Edible Silk – Starlight Comet White
  • Rainbow Dust ProGel – Black, Bright Green, Brown, Orange & Red
  • Rainbow Dust Sugarpaste - White
  • Rainbow Dust Tylo Powder


  • 3 in Round 1mm Thin Board
  • 8 in Round Cake Drum
  • Fine Painting Brush
  • Large Dusting Brush
  • Small Pallet Knife
  • Small Scissors
  • Smoother
  • Three Leaf Holly Plunger


Cover both of the cakes using white sugarpaste, then using a large dusting brush & Starlight Comet White lustre dust, brush all over both cakes. Leave to dry overnight to firm, then dowel and stack.


Colour small amounts of white sugarpaste using Brown, Red, Bright Green & Orange ProGel, then place into a polythene bag until needed. Finally colour approximately 250g of white sugarpaste using Black ProGel, adding tylo powder to the sugarpaste to create a modelling paste.


Then roll out the brown sugarpaste, using a smoother to help roll this into a thin sausage shape, these are for the arms. Then using a small pallet knife cut into one end of each arm, approximately 1cm, for the hands, and attach to the lower part of the body with edible glue. Using the bright green & red sugarpaste roll into small balls, securing into place with edible glue around the base of the top tier, placing some of them slightly above and below the top tier. At each end slightly press down and cut into this, this is for tassel end of the scarf.


For the nose roll into a pointed cone shape using the orange sugarpaste and secure with edible glue. For the eyes, mouth & buttons use black sugarpaste rolled into three sizes of ball shapes, using edible glue to secure. Then using the remainder of the black sugarpaste, roll and cut out a circle slightly bigger than the top tier, softening the edges with your hands, and place onto the top tier, securing with Edible Glue. For the top part of the hat mould into an oblong shape, again smoothing the edgings and indenting slightly through the centre top part of the hat, using Edible Glue to secure in place. Roll and cut out a holly leaf using the bright green sugarpaste securing to the top of the hat with glue. Then with the red sugarpaste roll into three small pea size balls and secure on top of the holly leaf with Edible Glue, these are for the berries.  To finish off roll out various sizes of white sugarpaste snow balls and brush over them with Starlight comet white, securing around the base of the bottom tier cake with Edible Glue.   



  1. Adding 1tsp of Tylo Powder to approximately 500g of sugarpaste, creates a good modelling paste to work with. If you add too much Tylo Powder by mistake, simply add more sugarpaste.
  2. Use only a small amount of ProGel at a time to your sugarpaste as these are all very highly concentrated colours.