• 9 inch (23cm) Round Cake Drum Board
  • Brush
  • Chocolate Moulds – Donut, Heart & Spoon
  • Cookie Cutters – Lolly & Ice Cream Cone Shape
  • Glue Stick
  • Length of Pale Blue Ribbon
  • Piping Bags
  • Polystyrene Ice Cream Shaped Dummy
  • Scissors


Place the cake central onto the cake board, using a small amount of buttercream underneath, this helps to secure the cake in place. Add a thin layer of buttercream around the sides and top of the cake. Then colour approximately 800g of white sugarpaste using Sky Blue ProGel, adding only a small amount at a time and knead until even in colour. Roll this paste out onto a dusted work surface, then cover your cake only, not the cake board, and smooth out the sides carefully, and trim.


Colour approximately 200g of white sugarpaste using Lemon ProGel. Moisten the cake board with a clean damp cloth, then roll out the Lemon sugarpaste into a thin strip long enough to fit around the board, then trim, smoothing out any joins with a smoother. Leave to dry overnight to firm.


Place the donut, heart & spoon mould onto your work area, ready to be filled with Colour Melts. Then into a bowl, pour the Colour Melts and place into the microwave and heat on full power for 30 seconds. Take out and stir and then place back into the microwave for a further 30 seconds. Take out and stir continuously for 1 minute before use. Place this into a piping bag to then pipe into each of the moulds. For the donut mould, you can pipe various colours into each, but you need to allow each layer to dry before adding the next layer.


Colour small amounts of flower & modelling paste using Pink, Yellow & Blue ProGel. Roll and cut out the lolly shapes, using the Pink & Yellow paste, sticking two shapes together with Edible Glue. Leave them to dry firm. Roll out the white flower & modelling paste and cut out the two sizes of ice cream cone shapes, cutting out two, then place a wooden skewer between each shape. Place another the same size shape on top, using Edible Glue to secure in place. Make sure at least two inches of the skewer is visible at the base of the shape, this is to be inserted into the cake later. Add coloured pieces on top to resemble ice cream shades. Mark the ice cream cone with a small cutting wheel, and leave to dry.


Moisten the ice cream dummy shape with a clean damp cloth before covering with white sugarpaste, then use a small cutting wheel to mark the lines around the base of the cone. Add pink paste to the top of the ice cream cone and then leave this to dry.


Once dry paint the dummy ice cream cone, lolly sticks and the two ice cream cones on skewers, using Metallic Light Gold Food Paint.


Tap out the spoons, heart & donut shapes out of their moulds and place onto greaseproof paper, and then drizzle with melted Colour Melts using various colours. Add White Colour Melts to create a pastel shade. Add Colour Melts to the tips of the lolly decorations, ice cream cones, adding a sprinkle of Sugar Crystals or Edible Glitter before they set.


Melt the Pink Colour Melts as per instructions on the packaging, then pour into a piping bag. Make sure you have all the decorations to hand. Start to pipe around the outer edge of the cake and then pipe towards the centre. Leave this to thicken slightly before adding the large ice cream cone, then the cones on skewers, then the rest of the decorations. You can add other decorations using another shade of colour, but leave the pink to set first. Add the remaining decorations onto the board and around the cake by piping onto the board and behind the decoration, holding them in place until set.


Finish by adding a length of ribbon around the board, using a glue stick to secure this in place.