Tylo PowderConsumables


  • Electric Mixer
  • Small 50ml Pot


Tylo Powder is an essential ingredient in any sugar crafters equipment box, and is widely used to make a modelling paste, flowerpaste and also an edible glue. It is also referred to as CMC and is a professional grade extra fine powder, which is available in 50g, 80g & 120g pots, of which the 120g pot provides excellent value.


Modelling Paste

Tylo Powder is vital for transforming sugarpaste into a modelling paste and starts to work straight away, no need to leave this overnight. Simply add approximately 1 teaspoon of Tylo Powder to 250g of sugarpaste and knead in well, you will be able to feel the paste firm up as you knead. If you think your paste is too firm or starts to crack, add more sugarpaste and knead this in well. This paste is now ready to create models, bows, drapes, and to use in moulds, or anything that requires your paste to be a bit more stable.


Edible Glue

Tylo Powder can also be used to create an edible glue by simply mixing a ¼ of a teaspoon with approximately 50ml of water into a pot. The Tylo Powder will form into a lumpy mixture, don’t worry as this is normal. Leave this overnight and you will find a clear thick glue ready to use. If you require the glue to be a bit thinner, add water and mix in well. Also with the tylo glue you can create a gunge, this is the term we use to describe a very thick glue paste, made from the paste you are using, mixed with a small amount of tylo glue. This is used for a stronger hold, usually when fixing dried pieces of paste together. The main advantage being is that it can be an exact colour match of the paste you are using for your decoration.



Tylo Powder is also used to create a flowerpaste, ideal for making flowers, shapes on wires and any other decorations that require a firm paste. Here is a basic recipe for you to try, which produces approximately 500g of flowerpaste.


  • 450g Icing Sugar (sieved)
  • 5 teaspoons of Tylo Powder
  • 60 – 65 ml of Cooled Boiled Water


Add all the ingredients together into a mixing bowl and mix together using an electric mixer, mix until combined. Place paste onto a dusted work surface and knead until fully combined. Then place into a polythene bag until needed.