Sparkle RangeConsumables



The Sparkle Range are a range of glitters, which are not edible and therefore not to be consumed. They give a brilliant eye catching sparkle to all manner of sugarcraft decorations that can easily be removed. There are many uses for this glitter, as you can see from the images attached.


The most widely used use for this product is to sparkle decorations for your cakes before attaching them onto your cake. Examples of this include the use of glitter on sugar shapes on wires. The shapes are easily covered with glitter by making your choice of shape onto a wire using flowerpaste, then leaving this to dry overnight or until they are completely firm. At this stage pour some of the glitter onto a sheet of paper, then using Edible Glue and a small paint brush, paint both sides and the edges of the shape, making sure that all areas of the shape are covered in glue. Therefore leaving no patchy lumps, as this will give your finished shape an uneven patchy look. Then dip your shape into the glitter, making sure all the shape is covered in glitter, then gently tap to remove the excess glitter and leave this to dry in an oasis block. Pour any remaining glitter from the paper back into the pot. Apply this same method for any other decorations.


Another popular use for this glitter is to completely glitter the base board for your cake. Again using the Edible Glue as an adhesive, apply all over the board and sprinkle the glitter until all areas are covered. Always making sure you place a sheet of paper underneath to catch any excess glitter. You can then place your finished cake (which has been decorated onto a separate board), onto the glittered board, securing in place with royal icing. This produces a fantastic finished result to any cake design that requires lots of sparkle.


If you require a more detailed pattern on your decorations, simply use a fine painting brush and Cake Decorators Glaze to paint your design, then cover over this with glitter. Tap any excess glitter off to reveal your sparkly pattern design. When using the glaze always use a glaze cleaner to clean any brushes used.


The Sparkle Range can be used onto the edges of flowers or their centres using Edible Glue to brush over the areas first before covering with glitter.


Another brilliant use for the Sparkle Range, is to add sparkle and colour to your cupcake wrappers. Simply brush the area with Cake Decorators Glaze before covering with your favourite colour of glitter. Once dry, the glaze holds the glitter onto the wrapper without too much excess falling off.