Rainbow JewelsConsumables


  • Dresden Tool
  • Tweezers


The Rainbow Jewels Range are available to buy in Jewels, Pearls, Hearts & Roses, and are made up of a soft, translucent, edible jelly jewel with sweeteners for cake decorating.


To help remove them from their inner packaging, simply ease them out using a Dresden tool, then lift them out with a pair of tweezers. This is so that they are less likely to be marked in any way. They are suitable for placing directly onto buttercream, but to secure them onto a sugarpaste covered cake, cupcakes or cookies, simply pipe a small amount of royal icing onto the area before placing the jewels on top. Also suitable to use onto flowerpaste decorations, again using royal icing to secure them in place. When applying these jewels you will find that they do not cloud over in any way, and still retain their sharp, clear, jewel like colour indefinitely.