• Cookie Cutters
  • Fine Paint Brushes
  • Flower Cutters
  • Pallet Tray


ProGel food colours are a range of  highly concentrated gel colours, which are bake stable and can be used to add different shades of colour to sugarpaste, flowerpaste, modelling paste, butter cream, royal icing, marzipan, cookie mix, sponge cake mixes, macaroons, meringues and even homemade sweets. Or why not add colour to your pancake mix, creating a rainbow of colours. As you can see from the images, there are lots of different ways to use ProGel Food Colours.


By adding just a small amount of ProGel Colour, you can achieve a good strong vibrant colour every time. This product can also be used as a paint by mixing an alcohol solution with the ProGel Colour into a pallet tray to create your works of art onto sugar.


Always remember to only add a small amount of colour at a time till you achieve the shade required.