Food Art PensConsumables


  • Any shaped Cutters
  • Embossing Mats


With the development of a specially formulated food colour, we are able to produce a double sided food pen that allows the ink to flow through a standard 2.5mm tip, right down to a 0.5mm tip. They are available in 21 vibrant colours, which are quick drying and very easy to use. The fine tip is more suitable for more detailed work, such as writing, details onto sugar flowers and facial features onto icing models. The thicker end of the pen is great for writing names or messages onto plaques, embossed patterns which can then be highlighted with colour, or simply draw your own designs onto sugarpaste.


They are brilliant to get the children involved and most of all enjoy cake decorating. They can create their own designs onto iced topped cookies or cupcakes and even 3D shapes or models that have been left to dry firm.


If the pen becomes clogged with icing, just wipe the end with a damp cloth and this will let the ink flow perfectly again.