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Rainbow Dust Edible Silk


 The Edible Silk Range of lustre dusts are a range of different colours which are a made up of a fine 100% edible dust with a soft and shimmery finish, and a hint of sparkle and colour.


The main use for the lustre dust is by dry brushing onto cakes covered in sugarpaste which have been left to dry overnight to firm. When applying the lustre dust it is worth noting that the larger surface area you want to cover is best done with a large dusting brush. Use a piece of kitchen paper to dab some of the lustre onto first before applying, cutting out the risk of applying too much lustre in one spot. A small dusting brush is better used for dusting sugar flowers and sugar shapes. It can also be used on cookies and biscuits by dry brushing, either onto a plain biscuit or one that has been covered with sugarpaste. Brushing over an embossed design, onto cupcakes, cookies or even cakes works really well also.


The Edible Dusts can also be used as a paint by mixing an alcohol solution with the dust until the required painting consistency is achieved. This is an ideal way to paint over royal icing designs that have been left to dry, or even to paint onto the edges of sugar flowers. Also this can be used through an airbrush, again when mixed with an alcohol solution. By embossing a design onto sugarpaste, such as a plaque, you can then flood the areas with colour, using a fine brush.


The Metallic Range of colours are especially good for brushing directly onto chocolate, to achieve an even metallic finish, and works just as well onto sugarpaste, dry biscuits and even macaroons.


The whole of this Range works well when using this with stencils. By rolling out first, your sugarpaste, flowerpaste and chocolate paste, before placing the stencil on top and rolling over this again with a rolling pin, as this holds the stencil in place. Then simply brush over the area with Edible Silk Dust, making sure there is no excess dust on top, before lifting the stencil off. Then use any shape cutter to cut out, for either a cupcake, cookies or shapes to add decoration to a cake design.


The Iridescent Range of colours are available in just four colours. They look white in the pot, but as soon as they are brushed onto a dark surface, such as chocolate or black sugarpaste they all reveal a hint of colour.