• Cake Decorations
  • Cookies, Cupcakes, Cake Pops or Celebration Cakes
  • Jams & Chutneys
  • Rainbow Dust Edible Confetti
  • Rainbow Dust Edible Glue
  • Range of Desserts
  • Sparkling Wine or Champagne


  • Fine Brush


The Edible Metallic Shapes are available in a range of 100% edible shapes in a range of colours which reflect light from each precision cut shape.


They can be used in a number of different ways from sprinkling onto cupcakes and cookies to adding areas of detail to any celebration cake decorations. They are also brilliant for sprinkling onto desserts, cake pops and trifles for that extra special touch.


Also they can be added to drinks just before service, and look fantastic in sparkling wines & champagne adding a touch of glamour to your special occasion.


To apply the product individually, use a slightly dampened brush using Edible Glue, to brush over the area first before applying the shapes.


As the product is water soluble we recommend that you add the shapes to drinks and desserts at the very last minute.


The Edible Shapes do however stay stable in jams and chutneys, by adding them at boiling point to then leave to cool down. These make ideal homemade gifts with a difference.