• 10 inch Round 12mm Cake Drum Board
  • 20mm, 30mm & 20mm Circle Cutters
  • Brush
  • Cutting Wheel
  • Dresden Tool
  • Glue Stick
  • Length of Green 15mm Ribbon
  • Piping Bag
  • Small Pallet Knife
  • Smoother


Add a small amount of Leaf Green ProGel to white premium cover paste, saving enough paste to cover the board area and extra decoration work. Knead this in well until even in colour. Then colour the remaining white paste with Black ProGel, then keep covered for later.


Place cake onto the cake board, then split and fill with your favourite filling. Add a thin layer of buttercream around the sides and top.


Roll out your Leaf Green coloured paste and cover your cake, carefully smoothing down the sides & trim the excess paste.


Knead and roll out the Black paste into a long thin strip. Moisten your cake board using a clean damp cloth, then place the strip onto your board. Trim the excess paste and smooth out the join line with a smoother.


Colour small amounts of the white flower & modelling paste, using Leaf Green ProGel & Grey ProGel. Place into a bag to stop this from drying out.


Using the white flower & modelling paste first roll this out and cut out circles using the 30mm cutter. This is for the eye area. Brush with Edible Glue and place onto the front of the cake. Using the Leaf Green paste and a 35mm circle cutter, roll and cut out the eye lids, trimming ¾ of the way down with a small pallet knife. Brush with Edible Glue to secure. Add a tiny ball of Black paste onto the base of the eye and secure with Edible Glue. Mark three lines with a Dresden Tool at the side of each eye.


Make up two equal size ball shapes using the Leaf Green paste & mould into a thin cone shape measuring approximately 40mm in length. Press each one down slightly, placing the thinner end towards the outside area, above the eye lid, securing with Edible Glue. Mark all over with a Dresden Tool.


Add a Leaf Green ball shape of paste, below the centre eye area for the nose, using Edible Glue. Use a piece of spaghetti inserted through the centre to help hold this in place. Make up two large ears using the same Leaf green paste. Insert two pieces of spaghetti into each side of the ears, brush with Edible Glue and insert into each side of the cake.


Knead, roll out & cut out small strips for the stitch marks, using the Black paste and a cutting wheel. Place them onto the face area with Edible Glue. Using the Black paste again, roll into a thin sausage shape and place this onto a flat surface and shape into a swirly mouth shape. Leave this to air dry, before securing onto your cake with Edible Glue.


Cut out two sizes of the circle shapes, using the 35mm & 20mm cutters & Grey paste, and secure to the side, base area with Edible Glue, adding a small flattened ball shape onto the top.


Add melted Black Colour Melts into a piping bag, trim the end with scissors and pipe around the top edge of the edge first, to let this drip down around the side of the cake first, before filling the centre area. Just before the Colour Melts start to set, add a sprinkling of Black Edible Glitter.


Mix Black Edible Glitter with an alcohol solution to then paint the Black eye areas, mouth, stitch marks and board area. Add a length of Green ribbon onto your board using a glue stick to complete your cake.