Painting ChocolateConsumables


  • Dusting Brush


Here is a simple yet effective way to add a touch of colour and metallic finish to your chocolate decorations. Simply dry brush the powder straight from the pot onto the chocolate.


To start cover your cake with either buttercream or ganache. This is so that the fingers & chocolate honeycomb balls attach securely on your cake. Once all fingers and balls have been brushed with the Edible Silk, attach the fingers around the side of your cake, using alternating colours. Place six fingers on top of the cake to create segments, and place choc balls in each segment, using alternating blocks of colour as shown.


Wow your friends and family with your finished creation, making this an ideal luxury cake for dinner parties or any special occasion.



  1. When dry brushing onto chocolate always have a piece of kitchen roll to dab onto first before brushing onto the chocolate. Also this keeps your work surface clean.
  2. It’s always a good idea to wear gloves when dusting, as these will keep your hands dust free.
  3. Use different shades of colour to create a two tone effect.
  4. Use this simple technique on any chocolates or even lollies. This also  works well on white chocolate.