• Air Art Stencils
  • Circle Cutter
  • Closed Scallop Crimper
  • Dusting Brushes
  • Rolling Pin


Brush over each cupcake with warmed jam. Then knead and roll out a small amount of chocolate sugarpaste, onto a dusted work surface.


Place your chosen stencil on top of the sugarpaste and roll over this with your rolling pin. This is to hold the stencil in place and to stop any movement.


Using a dusting brush, dip this into a Metallic Edible Silk Colour and brush over the stencil in circular movements, until the area is covered and even in colour. Carefully lift your stencil off to reveal the coloured design.


Place a circle cutter over the design and press down to cut out the shape, and place on top of your cupcake. Crimp around the outer edge using a closed scalloped crimper. Repeat this method for each cupcake, using various stencils & Metallic Edible Silk Colours. Experiment using two different colours to create a different look.


This is a quick & easy way to decorate your cupcakes, and to create a luxury finish every time.