• 7 Cupcakes
  • Rainbow Dust Edible Glitter – Frosty Blue
  • Rainbow Dust Edible Glue
  • Rainbow Dust Edible Silk – Starlight Comet White & Metallic Light Silver
  • Rainbow Dust Food Art Pen – Sky Blue & Teal
  • Rainbow Dust ProGel – Sky Blue
  • Rainbow Dust Tylo Powder
  • Renshaw Royal Icing
  • Renshaw Sugarpaste - White


  • 5 Petal Blossom Cutter
  • 65mm Circle Cutter
  • Cupcake Bouquet Box (including cups)
  • Dresden Tool
  • Dusting Brush
  • FMM Rose Leaf Cutter – Medium
  • FMM Tag Cutter Large
  • Medium & Small Snowflake Plunger Cutters
  • Veining Tool


Assemble your cupcake bouquet box first, then wrap a length of ribbon around the centre to secure the box. Add scrunched up tissue paper to the inside of the box. Place all seven cups on top of the tissue paper and secure with double sided tape underneath each cup to hold them in place.


Brush over each cupcake with warmed apricot jam. Then roll out the white sugarpaste and cut out discs, using a 65mm circle cutter. Place discs onto each cupcake and brush lightly using Starlight Comet White.


Colour approximately 200g of white sugarpaste using Sky Blue ProGel and knead in well until the colour is even. Then add approximately half a teaspoon of Tylo Powder to the sugarpaste to create a modelling paste. Roll out the sugarpaste and cut out seven flower shapes using the five petal blossom cutter. Then roll over each petal using the veining tool to create a softer edge to them. Brush over each flower shape with Starlight Comet White, then secure with Edible Glue on top of each cupcake.


Add a quarter of a teaspoon of Tylo Powder to approximately 125g of white sugarpaste and knead in well. Roll and cut out approximately fourteen shapes using a medium rose leaf cutter, then mark the vein of the leaves with a Dresden tool. Dust over each leaf with Metallic Light Silver and a dusting brush. Then place two leaves into each flower former.


Create the second layer of petals in the same way, except brush with Edible Glue and cover with Frosty Blue Edible Glitter, and place each flower slightly over the leaves that were placed into the former, and use Edible Glue to secure the leaves to the flower. This is to cup them slightly. Brush the centre of each flower with Edible Glue and place a small ball of white sugarpaste into the centre, and brush with Starlight Comet White.


Use the remainder of the white sugarpaste used for the leaves to roll out a gift tag shape using the cutter. Then cut out one medium and two small snowflakes using the plunger cutters. Leave these to firm. Brush the medium snowflake with Edible Glue and cover with Frosty Blue Edible Glitter. Dust each of the two small snowflakes with Metallic Light Silver. Secure the snowflakes in place with royal icing. Then draw a scalloped edge around the tag using a Sky Blue Food Art Pen and the inscription with a Teal Food Art Pen.


Brush over the centre of each cupcake with Edible Glue and place the cupped flower & leaves on top, and place into the cups inside your cupcake bouquet box. Then secure your gift tag with a little royal icing towards the back of your cupcake bouquet.  



  1. If you add too much Tylo Powder to your sugarpaste it will start to crack and dry out. To remedy this, simply add more sugarpaste and knead in well.