Painting ChocolateConsumables


  • Small Circle cutter
  • FMM Peony Cutter
  • Ribbon Loops/Filler flowers (optional)
  • FMM No 2 Piping Tube
  • Piping Bag
  • 8 inch (20cm) Round Cake Drum Board
  • 4 inch (10cm) Round Thin Cake Board


First of all make up a large flower using the different sizes of peony cutters and white flowerpaste,  using edible glue to secure petals in place. Leave to dry in a former for at least two days, then paint the edges of the petals with lilac food paint, and leave to dry.


Cover each tier with sugarpaste, using Purple ProGel to colour the top tier covering. Mark the bottom tier using a circle cutter, by pressing into the paste carefully. This is to mark the areas ready for piping over with royal icing.  Leave overnight to firm, then dowel & stack before decorating.


Pipe over the areas marked with royal icing, and leave this to dry before painting over this with lilac food paint. Leave to dry.


Place the large flower made earlier onto the top tier, and secure with a piece of sugarpaste and royal icing to hold the flower in place. Then add ribbon loops and filler decorations for that finishing touch.



  1. By adding a small amount of colour to the edges of the flower petals, this creates a two tone effect.
  2. By piping onto your cakes using white royal icing, if any mistakes are made, this can easily be removed without marking your cake.