Food Safety

All products manufactured and supplied by Rainbow Dust Colours are done so within the European Legislation guidelines. All raw ingredients sourced are from reputable suppliers who are, more often than not, BRC approved to ensure full traceability throughout the supply chain.


As you will know, all food items are identified by an E-Number. If a food additive has an E number, this shows it has passed safety tests and been approved for use throughout the European Union. You will find these present on the label of all our edible products. Any Non-Edible products in our portfolio are labelled in a way that is clear to the end user.


Every product is identified with a “Batch” number. This allows us to retain traceability of the raw ingredients throughout our manufacturing system, ensuring you the best standards of quality for the finished products. The batch code, allows us to identify the exact day the product was manufactured and our system can feedback all relevant information surrounding its production.


On all of our edible products, we provide a BBE (best before end) along with a list of ingredients. Due to the nature of many of our products, the 'best before' dates refer more to the quality of the product rather than its safety. So when the date expires, it doesn't mean that the food will necessarily be harmful but it might begin to lose its colour, flavour, or texture.

All products Rainbow Dust Colours manufacture and supply, are clearly labelled according to the EU legislations.

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