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We manufacture and supply a wide range of products for cake decorating and sugarcraft. Below is a brief overview of each range. If you are interested in stocking or using our products in your manufacturing process, then please click here to register or login. Once your account has been activated, you will have access to view our complete colour ranges of the products discribed below.

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EDIBLE GLITTER (100% Edible!)

We have created an edible glitter with a particle size that matches our Sparkle Range and bounces light with fantastic effect!
With 24 colours in the range, we have colour-ways to suit all occasions, from children's to Christmas celebrations and everything in-between. Sprinkle over your cupcakes, desserts, cookies, ice-cream or anything else that needs a little sparkle!
Available in both retail packs and loose pots to suit all retail environments.

THE SPARKLE RANGE (Food Contact Glitters)

The Sparkle Range is a collection of non-toxic glitters. If used for cake decoration it is recommended that they are used on items that are easily removable from the cake. Rainbow Dust Colours are one of the only companies to be able to supply a non-toxic glitter for use on cake decorations that complies with the FSA guidelines for "Food-Contact" Glitters.
They are the brightest colours on the market and bounce light off their surface to great effect! We have over 70 colours within our range and they have a magnitude of uses within cake decorating.
The most common use for the Sparkle Range glitters is to apply them to sugar shapes (eg: sugar hearts) for use on cake top or cupcake decorations. They are also very popular as a decorative trimming on sugar flowers and even adding a dazzling sparkle to a cakeboard. These are just a few examples but cake decorating community uses these glitters to great effect in a wide variety of ways.


The Edible Silk Range lustre dusts are a colourful range of 100% edible, fine dusts, with a soft shimmery finish and a hint of sparkle. The 40+ colours can be blended together to give  deeper colours or a softer finish, for example; by adding pearl white to purple planet will result in a softer lilac shade.

Their main use is to brush dry onto cakes covered in sugar paste which has been left to dry overnight (brushing the lustre dust directly onto a newly iced cake can cause the lustre to appear patchy), when applying it is worth noting that the larger surface area you want  to cover is best done with the largest dusting brush you have and by putting some of the lustre first onto kitchen paper to load the brush and knock off any excess, cutting out the risk of applying too much lustre in one spot, a large make up bronzing type brush is ideal, and by using a  small dusting brush can be dusted onto a more detailed item ie: sugar flower and sugar shapes etc.

It can also be used on cookies and biscuits by again brushing on dry, either onto a plain biscuit or one that has been finished with sugar paste or royal icing.

Lustre dust can also be used as a paint by mixing a small amount of our Paint Creator (found in the Sugarcraft Essential section) with the dust until the required consistency is achieved. It can be used thinner for painting onto cakes to achieve a water colour look or thicker to highlight areas of work, to  tips of sugar flowers, to paint letters cut from flower paste, and to paint over piped royal icing designs. Do not mix the lustre dust with water to make a paint as it will not mix correctly and go lumpy.


These powders are used much in the same way as the "Edible Silk Range" but the result is a matt finish (rather than a metallic one). Matt dusts can also be used as a paint by mixing a small amount of Paint Creator (found in the Sugarcraft Essential section) with the dust until the required consistency is achieved. It can be used thinner for painting onto cakes to achieve a water colour look or thicker to highlight areas of work, to  tips of sugar flowers, to paint letters cut from flower paste, and to paint over piped royal icing designs. Do not mix the dust with water to make a paint as it will not mix correctly and go lumpy.

CRAFT DUSTS (Matt and Lustre Powders)

This is a range of bright pinks, purples and blues. Again, these powders are used much in the same way as the "Edible Silk Range" and the "Plain & Simple Range". The difference with this range is that the colours are far brighter than those found in food-grade colours. As such, these are not classed as edible and are to be used on items that would be removed from the cake before eating.
(Many of the craft colours use Erythrosine E127 (otherwise known as Red 3) which by law can only be used to colour glazed cherry's. When used in any other application, it must be classed as non-toxic, non-edible)


Our edible, metallic food paints are available in a range stunning metallic and pearlescent colours which are  alcohol free, and once dry the colour will remain fixed with no dust or smudges. They are available in a 25ml bottle and are ready to use after a simple shake of the bottle.

You can use the paint on sugar paste, flower paste, modelling paste  and royal icing and can also be used through an airbrush (best results 0.35 nozzle) onto  buttercream to give a metallic sheen to your cupcakes.

To use the paint to cover the entire cake, first cover your cake in sugar paste and leave to dry ideally overnight to firm up. If creating a stacked cake in all the same colour, stack before painting as this will save on paint used. Then using the our  EasyCover sponge, slightly moisten with water, wringing out any excess and putting the paint in a small palette tray load up the paint onto the sponge and dab all over the cake, reloading the sponge when needed. If you need to apply two coats make sure that you leave the first coat to dry completely before applying the second.  Your cake can also use our paints in conjunction with an airbrush or the most basic way, using fine paint brushes for highlighting detail and features. All methods achieve great results, its just deciding which is most suitable to the result you are trying to achieve.

The paint is also suitable to be painted onto baked cookies, biscuits, various pastries etc. We encourage you to experiment as there is no real limitation to what these can be applied to. As the paints are water based, they are kind you your brushes/sponges and are very easy to clean at the end of your project.


An easy to use, opaque paint for cake decorating.
Apply straight from the container using a suitable brush or a natural sponge (for larger areas) and you'll get great results every time. Suitable for use on sugarpaste, flowerpaste and other modelling pastes. Use just like traditional paints!



A ready-to-use and VERY convenient paint brush, pre-loaded with our very popular metallic food paint or our non-metallic Paint It! colours. Simply twist the end cap of the brush until the paint fills the brush tip and you're ready to go! When not in use, simply wipe any excess paint from the tip of the brush and place the cap back over the brush until next time. No mess, no fuss. It's quick and easy!

Sometimes you need a paint colour on hand but don't need the extent of a paint pallet, water beaker, brush and paper towel. Sometimes, all you need is a Click-Twist Brush®. This is great for small areas of coverage and detail work and due to the controlled delivery of paint into the brush tip, there is minimal wastage which means your Click-Twist Brush® is very economical, allowing you to paint many many decorations!


Our food pens are available in 23 vibrant colours, are quick drying  and are unique against most other food pens as these pens are double sided, one side has a fine 0.5mm tip which is suitable for fine work, writing, detail on sugar flowers and facial features on icing models. The opposite end of the pen  has a 2.5 mm thicker nib is suitable for creating messages and pictures on icing.

They are easy to use for the novice and professional cake decorator and are brilliant for children to use and get involved in cake decorating. They can  be used on iced cookies and designs can be embossed onto sugar paste or flower paste using any shape cutter or detailed plastic embossers, leave to dry for at least 24 hours then your piece can be coloured in using the edible pens.


ProGel® concentrated colours by Rainbow Dust Colours are the new standard for food colouration. Highly concentrated, only the smallest amount of ProGel® is required to give a deep rich colour to your creations, meaning that our tubes last a long, long time! Simply add a small amount to your sugarpaste, marzipan, buttercream etc and watch it transform into your desired colour as it is mixed in.
Each gel comes in a colour co-ordinated and clean-to-use plastic tube complete with a built-in Euro-hook to hang in your shops display area. If your shop does not use a euro-hook system, the outer box is a tear-down display carton for shelf use.
Each tube contains a tamper evident seal under the screw top. Simply peel away and squeeze the gel out of the tube. No more messy containers making your tool box full of colour spots and no more wasted time trying to identify a specific colour, as the printed tube makes this a thing of the past!


A selection of staple items that are used time and time again for sugarcraft and cake decorating. As the title suggests, these are basic essentials for a cake decorators tool box and are constantly consumed. Therefore, a great range to list in your inventory!


Our sugarbased sprinkles are perfect for anything from quick cupcake toppings to complete cake coverings. With a mixture of sugarshapes, strands and sparkling sugars, all available in a spectrum of colours, we have one of the widest choices on the market!